What Our Patients Say

"Always a pleasant and informative experience to seek orthopedic services at Dr. Peter Matsuura’s office."

"This is a first fracture for me. Dr Matsuura and staff made me feel very comfortable and took time to explain everything. They made me feel very comfortable. I’m glad we have such competent, compassionate, knowledgeable doctor and staff in Hilo. I should also add that having to X-ray in the office is very convenient. I would definitely let others know about Dr. Matsuura and his staff. Thank you very much."

"Dr & staff are knowledgable, friendly courteous & funny!! They make you feel comfortable!!"

"I appreciate how everyone helped with getting the surgery scheduled and the care afterwards. I would recommend Dr. Matsuura to anyone that needs surgery."

"Everyone created a warm and trusting ambiance which is effective to assure that the patient is at ease. I feel care and competence emanating from your office."

"Dr Matsuura and his staff are very caring and knowledgeable in what they do. Dr Matsuura is very patient and spends time explaining and addressing my concerns. I am deeply grateful that we have an excellent doctor in Hilo."

"The office staff is gold. Dr. really listened to me and suggested more imaging which I was happy about because my symptoms really point to nerve pain and I was relieved that Dr. listened so well to me and concurred. I was in excruciating pain and everyone did their best to accommodate me. Very grateful."

"Everyone was friendly and I didn’t have to wait long"

"Dr. & staff are easy to work with. Someone always answers the phone, which is a miracle nowadays."

"He saved my husband and has been extraordinary in his care for him"

"Very satisfied with my Office experience"

"Everyone is so nice and helpful."

"I truly appreciated Dr.Matsuura's overall medical expertise in treating my physical conditions. After following his unique necessary instructions I was able to function normally! Mahalo to Dr. Matsuura and the entire staff for your medical fulfillment and true spirit of Aloha!"

"Exceptional medical care and staff."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Matsuura for over 10 years. He is an outstanding clinician and surgeon. I am very happy with the service I receive from his office. From the kind and caring x-ray tech, to the office staff, and Dr. Matsuura himself. I don't enjoy orthopedic injuries, but when they happen, I'm glad Dr. Matsuura is there to help fix them."

"The professionalism and friendliness of the Dr Matsuura and his stafff is outstanding"

"I felt so at home whenever I have an appointment with Dr. Matsuura. Like I have known him all my life. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to have surgery. The staff is very friendly and nice also. Makes you feel comfortable."

"He’s wonderful. Straightforward and pragmatic. Very knowledgeable."

"Dr, Matsuura and his staff, Raychelle, Libby and Seema are always so pleasant, and genuine in their care for their patients"

"Everything was great"

"Efficient office staff + skilled and personable surgeon = winner"

"He’s the best!"

"Doctor and staff are very friendly and efficient"

"Staff was very friendly and helpful and Dr. Matsuura made me feel like family."

"Staff is always polite and friendly!"

"Thank you for all that you do"

"Thorough and considerate. Seema (sp?) was kind and patient."

"The surgery went well and I was happy to get it done to fit my schedule & use HMC, close to home. Recovery went without a hitch & I am up & ready to get back to all my favorite activities"

"excellent-keep up the good work"

"Awesome !"

"I called in the morning and got an appointment for 1:00. They are very friendly and helpful. After finishing my paperwork I was taken right in and after answering questions and then they took an ex-ray. Doctor came in and examined me right away. Always nice to see great service"

"Explained problem and procedure very well"

"Overall a very pleasant experience felt at home well done."

"Dr Matsuura and staff provide outstanding medical care. I feel assured that I am receiving the very best care. I would highly recommend Dr Peter Matsuura and his staff to my relatives and friends for excellent medical care. I’m glad Hilo has one of the best doctors nationwide."

"It was EXCELLENT! Everybody supper nice and helpful. I'm so glad we chose that clinic."

Welcome To Peter A. Matsuura, MD.

Dr. Peter A. Matsuura’s orthopedic practice in Hilo, Hawaii provides a full range of orthopedic care from diagnosis and personalized treatment plans, to surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation. From an initial office consultation through and after surgery, orthopedic care is delivered with excellence and innovation.

The successful outcomes in knee, hip and shoulder surgeries that Dr. Peter Mastuura’s patients experience, demonstrates that patients no longer have to travel off island to receive the top notch care associated with larger institutions in larger cities.  His private practice and affiliation with Hilo Medical Center and Hilo Community Surgical Center enable his patients access to timely appointments and scheduled surgeries without the burden and expense of neighbor island travel and recovery away from home.

Dr. Matsuura sees patients with varying levels of needs and is committed to working alongside them to develop a personalized treatment plan.  Together with his team of professionals who live, work, and play in this community, they are dedicated to optimizing your orthopedic health so that you can do the same.

“There is great satisfaction in knowing that we played a part in making our community a healthy and happier one.” Dr. Peter A. Matsuura

Quality Orthopedic Care in Hilo, Hawaii

Are you an athlete with a sports injury and suffering from a fracture, dislocated bone, or torn ligament?

Do you need to schedule that hand or knee surgery after procrastinating far too long?

Are you helping a senior family member recover from a broken bone caused by a serious fall or tumble?

Rest easy if you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above — Dr. Peter A. Matsuura is your guy!


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Why Choose Our Orthopedic Practice?

When it comes to your health, you deserve accessible high-quality care. Whether you’re experiencing joint pain or have recently sustained a sports injury, know that you can always get the orthopedic care you need from our office. We’re proud to offer our patients:

  • Quick Scheduling
  • Detailed Care Plans
  • Electronic Referrals & Reports
  • State-of-the-Art Digital X-Ray Imaging
  • Five-Star Patient Satisfaction

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